Centennial Hongjitang,Dedicated in Effective TCM for Centuries

Since 1907

As a well-known Chinese enterprise, Hongjitang Pharmaceutical envisions itself as a pioneer in intelligent Chinese medicine. It is committed to building a comprehensive “Smart Chinese medicine” ecosystem that integrates intelligent production, innovative research and development, marketing, e-commerce, brand empowerment, and cultural health care. The company actively promotes the creative transformation and innovative development of traditional Chinese medicine culture.



Years Established in 1907


Billion Brand Value is beyond 16 Billion


+ 151 Registered Medicines

One Gold

One Medal

One Hongjitang

Top Gold Medal at the 1915 Panama
Pacific International Exposition

First Prize of the National Science
and Technology Progress Award

Product Center

Hongjitang Pharmaceutical is committed to developing innovative, therapeutic, safe, and reassuring drugs.

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Science and Innovation

Hongjitang Pharmaceutical Research Institute focuses on the advantageous areas of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It has received approval for several prestigious designations, including a National Enterprise Technology Center and a National Postdoctoral Research Station.

  • Central Research Institute Introduction


    Central Research Institute Introduction

    Hongjitang's Smart Traditional Chinese Medicine deepens the path of production, education, research, medical treatment, and standard research, constructing the research system platform of the Hongjitang Central Research Institute. The institute includes the Jinan Research Institute, Hengqin Research Institute, Macao Research Institute, Functional Food Research Institute, among others. It has actively and effectively explored various dimensions such as innovative drug research and development, development of classic Chinese medicine prescriptions, construction of comprehensive evaluation systems for traditional Chinese medicine preparations, and research and development of traditional Chinese medicine formula granules. In 2022, Hongjitang Pharmaceutical was awarded the National Enterprise Technology Center. The institute has academicians, national master physicians, and nationally renowned studios for traditional Chinese medicine. It has established cooperative relationships with several renowned universities, focusing on advantageous areas such as the respiratory system, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems, urogenital system, pediatrics, geriatrics, etc. It conducts research and development of innovative Chinese herbal medicines and improved new drugs with clinical efficacy advantages and characteristics; it conducts cultivation of major varieties, focusing on clarifying clinical positioning and reevaluation, clarifying mechanism of action research, improving product quality and scientific value, and actively promoting the creative transformation and innovative development of traditional Chinese medicine culture. The institute has more than 70 research and development personnel, including 8 doctors, with over 80% holding master's degrees. It has a research and development area of 3600 square meters and a pilot plant of 700 square meters, equipped with a batch of advanced experimental instruments and equipment such as HPLC, LC-MS, ICP-MS. The pilot plant is equipped with more than 20 pilot equipment imported from Japan for extraction, concentration, and formulation, with superior experimental conditions and working environment, providing guarantees for the smooth progress of projects. Hongjitang Pharmaceutical emphasizes research and development, with research and development investment accounting for more than 4% for consecutive years.
  • Research Platform


    Research Platform

    Hongjitang Research Institute comprises the Jinan Research Institute, the Macao Research Institute, and the Functional Food Research Institute, and has established a postdoctoral workstation. It hosts more than ten innovation platforms, including the National Enterprise Technology Center, the Shandong Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Technology Innovation Center for Respiratory System Diseases, the Shandong Provincial New Research and Development Institution, the Shandong Provincial Engineering Research Center for Oral TCM Preparations, the Shandong Provincial Collaborative Innovation Center for Classic TCM Prescriptions, the Shandong Provincial Collaborative Innovation Center for Antiviral TCM, and the Shandong Provincial Engineering Research Center for Common Technologies of TCM Formula Granules.
  • Research Directions


    Research Directions

    Secondary Development of Old Drugs - Cultivating Major Varieties Ejiao, Angong Niuhuang Pills, Qianliexin Capsules, Chufengjing, Xuefu Zhuyu Oral Liquid
  • Collaboration and Exchange


    Collaboration and Exchange

    The institute actively engages in academic exchanges, conducting numerous academic exchanges, project collaborations, and various seminars with industry experts and peers, continuously enhancing the level of TCM innovation research. In terms of external technical cooperation, it has established cooperative relationships with many research institutions such as Peking University, Zhejiang University, Shandong University, and Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It closely collaborates with numerous academicians and masters of Chinese medicine, including Chen Zijian, Zhang Daning, and Wang Xinlu, for technical guidance, accelerating the transformation of research achievements.
Quality Assurance

Hongjitang Pharmaceutical insists on high-quality medicinal materials, superior processes, and excellent quality, using traceability systems and standards formulation as core competencies.

  • Standard Formulation
  • Quality Center

Standard Setting

Local standards of Shandong province

The specification for intelligent TCM pharmacy operation quality

The specifcation for intelligent TCM pharmacy construction & operation

Mass spectrometer

Fluorescence quantitative PCR amplification instrument

Liquid chromatography

Gas chromatography mass spectrometry

Fully automatic calculation and extraction purity instrument

Gas chromatograph


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